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Season 6 | Episode 604 | EP604


Table Jack: Table Stabilizer

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In Season 6, Episode 4 of Shark Tank, Steve Christian will pitch his Table Jack product to the sharks. The Table Jack is a table stabilizer that helps stop tables from wobbling. Steve and his wife Belinda invented this useful product in their own garage. Steve has a lot of experience with wobbly tables because he owns his own chain of restaurants in Houston called Christian's Tailgate. Christian's Tailgate is a popular restaurant/bar in Houston to watch football games and meetup with friends. Steve Christian's Table Jack comes with a easy to assemble kit made up of three table glides and the Jack that attaches to the fourth table leg that keeps the table from wobbling.

After perfecting the product for eight years with his wife, Steve Christian believes he has finally invented the best solution for wobbly tables with his Table Jack table stabilizer. Watch Shark Tank on October 10, 2014 to find out if the Sharks take a bite!

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