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Mustache Sunglasses

Season 6 | Episode 605 | EP605

Sun Staches: Mustache Sunglasses

Sun Staches: The Pitch

In Season 6, Episode 5 of Shark Tank, college friends David Levich, Eric Liberman and Dan Gerson pitch their novelty and mustache glasses company, Sun Staches to the sharks. They sell their classic Sun Stache which are rayban inspired sunglasses with a black mustache. Sun Staches also carries a variety of mustaches, beards, hats connected to glasses or sunglasses. They even have a line of costume glasses ranging from police to Ninja Turtles, Uncle Sam and cowboys to Santa Clause, sailors and more. Sun Staches make a perfect accessory for any Halloween costume or just your every day attire. .

David Levich, Eric Liberman and Dan Gerson have already had a lot of success in Sun Staches with earnings over $6 million last year. Not only are their products in Urban Outfitters and Spencers, they have licensing contracts with Universal, Warner Brothers and Nickelodeon.

Tune in on Friday, October 17 to see if the any of the sharks take a bite and invest in Sun Staches.

Sun Staches: Result

Daymond John invested in Sun Staches for $300,000 for 20% of their company. Daymond promised to help Sun Staches get a better deal on licensing and predicted they would make $20 million a year over time.

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