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Inexpensive Wedding Cake Rental

Season 6 | Episode 604 | EP604


Fun Cakes: Inexpensive Wedding Cake Rental

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Kimberly and Koray Aya are a mom and son wedding cake duo. On October 10, 2014 they are pitching to the sharks their Wedding Cake Rental company, Fun Cakes. If you're not familiar with wedding cakes, they typically cost over $1500 and most of the cake does not get eaten. Kimberly Aya came up with another alternative to buying an expensive wedding cake. She still makes her wedding cakes high but instead of using real cake on the top tier levels, she uses a faux cake made out of Styrofoam covered in icing. Nobody can tell the difference! She rents out the faux cake and cake stand for a fraction of the price you'll pay for a real cake.

Kimberly and Koray Aya will pitch their Fun Cakes brand to the 5 sharks on October 10, 2014 on Season 6, Episode 4. Find out if the sharks buy in to the inexpensive wedding cake rental company!

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