Fairytale Wishes:

Aromatherapy Sprays For Children

Season 5 | Episode 503 | EP503


Fairytale Wishes: Aromatherapy Sprays For Children

Fairytale Wishes: The Pitch

In Season 5, Episode 3 of Shark Tank, Debbie Glickman approached the Sharks seeking an investment of $35,000 in exchange for 33% equity in ‘Fairy Tale Wishes’. The company is based in Highland Park, Illinois.

The ‘Fairy Tale Wishes’ brand had been around for four years prior to its appearance in the Shark Tank and at this point it had built up quite a following. A number of parents online had already begun to make up ‘fairy tales’ based around the usage of the anxiety sprays. The company has a significant internet presence and has been established in a number of retail stores across the United States.

The ‘Fairy Tale Wishes’ product line is designed to help quell childhood anxiety. The product, at heart at least, is an aromatherapy spray which has been crafted from naturally-sourced ingredients in the United States. The idea is that the spray can be used to eliminate fear in a child. For example; there is a special spray created by ‘Fairy Tale Wishes’ that keeps monsters at bay. There is another spray which helps somebody feel like a superhero and another one which gives ‘sweet dreams’. A child’s imagination is a wonderful thing and you will most likely not be surprised to know that these sprays are remarkably effective for easing a child’s mind.

The Sharks were reluctant to invest in ‘Fairy Tale Wishes’. This is in part down to the fact that they did not see it as a viable business idea. They believed that if the idea managed to gain in popularity then others would attempt to enter the marketplace in order to grab a slice of the pie. This would cut considerably into the sales of ‘Fairy Tale Wishes’ which is of course a product which simply can’t be patented. The company is a leader in the marketplace at the moment but things can change quite rapidly and anybody could bottle up the same ingredients and claim it does the same job. It is therefore unlikely that the Sharks would be able to make back their investment even if Debbie Glickman was only requesting a small amount.

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Fairytale Wishes: Result

Debbie Glickman left the Shark Tank empty handed after failing to receive any offers for her stress spray from the shark investors.

Fairytale Wishes: Investors

Debbie Glickman did not receive any offers for a stake in her Fairytale Wishes business.

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